Where to find an honest Real Estate Agent

Word of mouth
As long as the source that you got real estate agent from is reliable, then there is a high chance the agent is reliable and a low chance the Real Estate Agent is a scammer.

Just attending open houses
Open houses are properties that are for sale and are available for viewing at certain times. Often times, during the summer, you may notice signs on the corner of the street posting an open house. This sign leads you to a house for sale where the agent is waiting for interested buyers. For the agent, it is not only an opportunity to sell the house, but also to sell himself or herself as your agent. Since this agent already has clients, these agents may be more reliable than just an unknown stranger off the street. You will certainly still have to go through an interview process with him or her and make sure this agent is reliable.

Newspaper ads and Real Estate Sessions
Real Estate Agents usually spend some time investing in advertisement. They could range from a Billboard sign to a classroom session where they may teach something. I prefer the classroom session. A billboard sign does not tell you much about the agent. Certainly not enough to make any decision.

The Internet
By surfing the Internet and just typing in Real Estate agent plus the city you are looking for, you will get a list of eager agents. If you see an agent on the top ranked of the search engine, that only implies these agents have done a good job in marketing themselves. That does not imply they make good Real Estate Agents. Often times, I see the top raked sites are the worse agents. These sites contain useless information that does not help you in any way, but only intended to help the site get a better ranking from the search engine. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT recommend you pick the agents where their sites are ranked on top of the search engines.

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