The best Real Estate agents

Ok, so we can all agree that a hard working, honest, good agent is the kind of agent you are looking for.

Now, the next question would be out of all the honest, ethical agents out there which ones will suit you best?

First, one would belief an experience agent is better than a new inexperience agent. That is a MYTH. What you will notice is that inexperience agents have its perks. Many inexperience agents work harder. They work harder because they are new at their job and they really have to establish themselves. They need to work harder. Secondly, inexperience agents are less likely to be dishonest. Once when agent knows the rules and ropes, they will try to pull strings and see if they can get away with it. An agent who is helping you find your home may also be trying to help himself get the commission fast. Perhaps, like a child, inexperience agents are much too naive and scared to break the law. Inexperience Real Estate agents may tell you things an experience one knows better not to.

So what are the benefits of having an experience agent? The most important difference between a skilled agent and unskilled agent is the point of negotiating the sale price of the house. Everything else is matter of following procedure and giving you all the information you need to decide on your own. Following procedure does involve some experience, but it is not important as gaining the skill to negotiate well.

So the question for you is, do you need the agent to have more control in negotiating the sale price of the home for you or do you need more control in the negotiations. One may argue that it is always best to have a skill negotiator on your side. Rightly so, that is true. However, you already have a lot to look for in an agent. If you prefer to have more control in negotiations, then you can concentrate your efforts in other characteristics of finding the close-to-perfect agent. One thing to note is that an agent with strong negotiating skills may also be smart and devious enough to trick you into buying a less then your desired home.

Now, to look for an agent with negotiating skills, simply observe their behavior. Do not ask them upfront whether they have strong negotiating skills. Almost every agent will say yes. Look for things such as providing you with innovative tricks to get the best deal or they show you past statistics where they have negotiate better than other agents.

Remember, it is not in an agent's best interest to get you the lowest price because they lower the price, the lower their commission. It is in the agent's best interest to get you the highest price that you are willing to buy for. Do not reveal to your agent your highest price. Your agent does not need to know.

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