Renting Etiquette

One may wonder why tenant etiquette even exist. Since it is the tenants that are paying the rent, does tenant etiquette even matter? My answer is an absolute yes. By being a good tenant, your landlord will treat you better. If things, break your landlord is more likely to fix it faster. If you need references for future rental properties, your landlord is more likely to give you good references. At the same time, it is proper manner to have etiquette in a civilized world.

1. Pay your rent on time without having to be asked.
There are bills that are not visible to the tenant such as property taxes, mortgages and possibly utilities. All these bills need to be paid on time. If not, the landlord will be charged interest. Paying the rent on time lets landlord worry about other things like maintaining the property for you. You are allowed into the rental property every day without ever being asked. So, as tenant, you should pay the rent without waiting to be asked.

2. If you are going to be late for the rent, let your landlord know a head of time.
Money is hard earned. By letting your Landlord know a head of time, your landlord can prepare for other ways to pay the bills.

3. Do not overuse areas that isn't yours.
Generally, unless stated otherwise, a room for rent implies your are only renting the room and not use of the whole house. Only if you are cooking or using the laundry, should you be using the other common areas. Do not treat the common areas as additional space for you to store things and take advantage of. This is not appropriate and actually against room rental standard rules.

4. When you move out, keep it in the same condition it was when you moved in.
This is the gernal rule. It is not against the law to leave it as a mess, but just nice to do. It helps the landlord rent to the next renter and helps you get a good reference.

5. Although having proper etiqutte is nice, but you do not have to be overly nice.
The area you rent is yours. If you find your landlord violating your space by either stepping into it without your permission, your landlord has violated your rights as a tenant. Do complain and make your concern heard. You do not know what your landlord is doing when you are not around.

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