Rental Scams

A Toronto couple finds an awesome rental deal.

They had found a modern three-bedroom condo in downtown available to rent for only $2,000. The landlord was kind, pleasant, and professional. After showing them the house, the landlord requested first and last month's rent in certified checks.

When they arrived a week later to move in, they found another couple is living there. The phony landlord had rented the condo out to 7 other renters before skipping town. It turned out the phony landlord had actually rented the condo for himself just a few weeks before advertising it for rent.

There has been many cases of people renting other people houses. In fact, there has even been cases of people selling other people's houses. To make sure the house you are renting is indeed owned by the landlord, get references from past renters and make sure they were indeed legitimate renters. Request to obtain the deed to the ownership of the property. Don't give out any money until you are absolutely sure the landlord is indeed a landlord of the rental property. If you know the landlord is a fraud contact, the police immdeiately.

Real Estate scams scams has been on the rise in Ontario for the past number of years.

For more information on Fraud in Canada, link to the phonebusters website

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