Real Estate Agent Trick - Not giving sufficient information

Information is vital for you to make important decisions. It is really up to you to decide what to do with the information your Real Estate Agent can provide. Do NOT ask your agent what to do with the information. It is you who make the decisions. You should already have a good idea as as why you are buying the property and how to intend to use property. Your agent cannot tell you that.
Bad Real Estate Agents will hide information in order to get you to make the decision to buy the house. To make sure the agent is being absolutely honest with you and providing you all the information you need to know, always have another reliable source to verify the information.

Often times, Bad Agents will tell you that because of their experience, they naturally know and so, you should trust them. That is NOT a relaiable source of to verify the information. They must have documents to back up what they are saying.

One good way to find honest Real Estate Agents is through referrals. If you friends have experience good results from the agent, then at least you found someone honest and you know the results.

Do NOT go through the Internet and pick the first agent you see or the agent that has the most advertisements. They are just spending marketing money, which they intend to recover from you. I especially find the ones that are top ranked search engines to be the most conniving, especially the Mississauga location!!!

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