Planning to Rent - Plan Ahead

1. Finding a good place to rent is not easy. First, the best places are most often taken. Second, you have to know where to look. Third, you have decide on your own wants, needs,. affordability and lifestyle.

2. Some renters may take the perception that they want the cheapest place possible. The cheapest place is a room for rent. However, can you live with other strangers? Can you put up with the possible mess, noise and share responsibilities? There is a lifestyle you already have for your self. How much of your lifestyle are you willing to sacrifice for a cheaper rent.

3. Renting can be viewed as an experience. You're moving to a new place, a new environment and with new possibilities. Regardless of whether the experience was good or bad, you will certainly learn a lot. Take light in the possibilty that you may rent a bad place and be prepared to move if that occurs.

4. Plan several months a head to view the market and what is available. Look in newspapers, Internet and referrals. Get to know the area you intend to live in. What activities are available and how to intend to enjoy your new stay. Get to know the landlord and make sure you can work with him. Just like there are bad tenants, there are also bad landlords.

5. Know the law. Each province has it's tenant act that helps renters resolve issues. Most of the time, the province law is designed to help the tenants, but you need to know what you can do. Do you know what you can do if you get evicted? Do you know what you can and can't do while rening someone else's house? Do you know how much rent the landlord can charge and how often they can raise rent? The main page of provides you with a link to the tenant laws to each province.

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