Make a good first impression - this matters

Dress to Impress

Too many times, renters think just because they are the clients, they think there is no need to present a themselves and it is up to the landlord's job to do all the work.

The monthly rent doesn't cover the cost of the house. Smart landlords are very cautious when rentng out a house. They need to make sure the renter is reliable enough to pay the rent on time and still not damage the house. Any other type of renter would be unacceptable.

I once met a renter who was more than an hour late for our scheduled appointment and he didn't even have a reason. He then continued to make commitments to show up in 15 mins every 15 minutes! Clearly, I didn't give him the room. It was a pain just meeting him.

I had another case who thought he had the house because he had good references and was reliable. He was so mad when he discovered I gave the house to someone else that he sent me an e-mail complaining that I had wasted his time. Fact is, I only had one house and two renters. I do not need to reveal anything to my renters and my renters do not need to know anything about my approach to selecting my tenants. Applications can get rejected for many reason.

As a renter, show up on time, present yourself as a reliable, responsible, mature citizen. Impress the landlord and then, if you don't like the house, you can reject it rather than getting rejected by it.

Smart landlords only want good tenants!

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