Is it possible to negotiate the Rent?

Renting a property is not the same as buying a car or buying a product. The property is limited in quantity to only one renter and so, the need to reduce the rent may not be seem profitable to the landlord.

To bring up the idea to reduce the rent to the property manager can hurt your chances of getting the rental property. Some landlords do not want to waste their time with cheap tenants.

If you believe, the rental property is of value, then do not bother. There is a high chance other potential renters will feel the same way and bringing up the idea of negotiating the rent will only hurt your chances.

If you believe the landlord has given any indication that the rent is negotiable or that the rental property is not to your interest, than you may be able to suggest a reduce rent amount.

In the most simplistic case, simply ask over the phone "Is the rent negotiable or firm?" This question won't hurt your chances too much because it doesn't waste too much of the landlord's time and you are not directly asking for a rent reduction.

Another idea is to look for rental properties near the end of the month. If the landlord has not found any tenants, then it is not likely the property will be rented out for the next month. The landlord will then be more inclined to reduce the rent rather than to lose a month's worth of rental income.

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