How to interview your Real Estate Agent

Your Real Estate is applying for a job you are offering. You need to interview your Real Estate Agent to see if he or she is a good fit into your team that will help your purchase a house. Your team consist of a Real Estate Lawyer, a lender, perhaps a home inspector and the Real Estate Agent.

There are two stages to interviewing your agent.

First, is the discussion stage to see if you can get along with your agent. My preference is to always talk to my agents in an informal manner. My agent may know every word he says, every action he makes could determine whether I would keep him or release. My first priority is make sure my agents is honest and fair. There is no need for my agent to suck up to me and no need for my agent to work extra hard. These additional wants often lead to agent pretending to be somebody else. I will ask my agent questions and advise, not because I don't know the answer, but because I want to know how my agent will answer.

Second, is the watching the agent in action where the agent takes you to tour the houses and see how your agent interacts with you. Often times, I would look at the agent's response before looking at the house. That's because it is more important to make sure you have good agent than to make sure the house you are looking at is worth buying. If the agent is acting like the house is a good buy even when it's not, then that's bad agent. If the agent is always complimenting every house, then I would wonder about his intentions. By observing the agent, you may notice what the agent's priorities are. Is the agent interested in offering me a house worth buying or is the agent interested in selling me any house so that he can quickly get the commission.

Do not just interview one agent. By interviewing multiple agents and if your expectations of your agent is fair, you should be able to find a decent agent. Do not reveal what you are looking for. By revealing that, the agent can pretend to be that. Do not deceive your agent. Your agent is human also. Treat your agent with respect and aim to get the same. Just like you need to watch out for those terrible agent, your agent needs to watch out for those terrible clients.

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