How to Evict Bad Tenants

Sadly, as a new landlord and even experience landlord, the likelyhood of you running into a bad tenant is high. In Canada, unlike the United States, the process to evicting a tenant is not as easy as throwing their items out.

First, before you consider evicting the tenant, look at your own behavior and agreement as a landlord. Make sure you have done everything fairly and you are not being unreasonable. To make sure of this, ask around including the Tenant Association in your province. If you know your tenant is at fault and you have given the renter every opportunity correct him or herself, then you can begin the process of figuring out how to evict your tenant.

The best way to remove the tenant is to somehow let the tenant conjure up that idea for him or herself. Removing the tenant by force often lead to more problems. After all, the tenant is living in your house.

Some ways to do that may include, reduce your services within the limits of the rental agreement. Give hints that you would like the tenant to move. Maybe even resort to making the rental property distasteful enough for the tenant to move out.

And if that doesn't work, that you will have no choice, but to resort to eviction by law.

For example, in Ontario, if you and your tenant are NOT sharing the same washroom and kitchen, then you must let the Ontario Rental Tribunal take care of the eviction process. Ontario has already provided you a form that you can use to terminate your relationship with your tenant. You must have a valid reason to evict your tenant. Valid reason includes someone else is moving in, the house is being sold or the tenant have done something that violates the rental contract.

In Ontario, if you and your tenant are sharing the same washroom and kitchen, the Ontario Rental Tribunal does not apply. Only Social Law applies and Social law is much more vague. This means you can evict your tenant anyway you want that makes most sense. You can even resort to locking the room and moving their items out. But whatever you do, make sure the renter has agreed to it in the rental contract. This agreement will protect you.

Check with your own province, what the procss to eviction is. Make sure you have a  rental contract that includes eviction agreement, which your tenant has signed and agreed to.

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