is misleading you is constantly advertise how real estate agents are ethical, trustworthy and there to help you. To be a real estate agent, they must pass an exam which supposedly makes them ethical.

The truth is real estate agents exist because they are there to make money. Whether they are ethical or not can only depend on their own conscious, not an exam. There are tons of real estate agent have been caught stealing stuff inside stranger's home, lying to the clients and encouraging their clients to do things that are not in their client's best interest just to make a sale. Only the transaction matters because that's the only time the agents get paid.

One look at the site, you may think any real estate agent would make be great agent.

The truth is you have got to scrutinize every single agent before accepting them as your agent. Not only to make they they are a good fit, but also to make sure they are trustworthy and has some sense of compassion and morals.


Once again, check out for more details.

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