Your Real Estate Agent has inside information that you want to know

You Real Estate Agent has access to the history price that the houses has been sold for. Unless if the house was sold by the owner and outside of the's involvement, the sold prices are saved in their database.

If you are a seller, you will need this information to assess how much you want to sell the house, the minimum amount you want to sell the house for and whether you should wait for a better price.

If you are a buyer, this information determines what similar houses has been sold for, so you will know if you are overpaying or not.

You Real Estate Agent may be reluctant to reveal this information because it is designed to protect and deter you from making the transaction. Your Real Estate Agent would rather convince you the house is a good price regardless of whatever the price is.

You Real Estate may pretend to take a long time to give you such valuable information to look like he is working hard for you. t really should take less than 15 minutes to access the real estate agent member's site, put in some conditions and the site returns information relating to the house prices. If the Real Estate Agent does take a long time like a day, simply fire him. There is nothing more important than this kind of information. is misleading you is constantly advertise how real estate agents are ethical, trustworthy and there to help you. To be a real estate agent, they must pass an exam which supposedly makes them ethical.

The truth is real estate agents exist because they are there to make money. Whether they are ethical or not can only depend on their own conscious, not an exam. There are tons of real estate agent have been caught stealing stuff inside stranger's home, lying to the clients and encouraging their clients to do things that are not in their client's best interest just to make a sale. Only the transaction matters because that's the only time the agents get paid.

One look at the site, you may think any real estate agent would make be great agent.

The truth is you have got to scrutinize every single agent before accepting them as your agent. Not only to make they they are a good fit, but also to make sure they are trustworthy and has some sense of compassion and morals.


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The Buyer's Agent is not on your side

One would believe that buyer's agent works for the buyer and seller's agent works for the seller. That title, "Buyer's Agent" clearly state's that. The reality is that the title is trick and both the buyer's agent and seller's agent works for the seller.

The buyer's will tell you, the buyer, the same old gimmick. The commission is paid for by the seller. So the buyer need not to worry about paying for anything. Well, if the seller is paying for both the buyer's agent and seller's agent, why would the buyer's agent work for the buyer??? Because the buyer's agent does not work for the buyer.

The buyer's agent get's paid the same way the seller's agent gets paid. The higher the sold price, the higher the commission. So why would the buyer's agent want to negotiate on your behalf to get a low sale price when that only hurts their commission???

Once when you enter the negotiating, you will notice that it is the buyer's agent, seller's agent and seller talking amongst each other, excluding you from the negotiation. They are not trying to find the lowest possible price. They are trying to get the highest possible price that the buyer buy.

The negotiation isn't buyer's agent against seller's agent. The negotiation is buyer against buyer's agent!

As a buyer, be careful what you tell your buyer's agent, he/she will use it assess what is the highest possible price your will buy.

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